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Welcome to Law Student Help!


We are a newly launched website that aims to provide law students with a platform to excel.

We publish 'articles' ranging from legal case studies, current affairs, and even application and law school advice. You can also find a wide variety of CV enhancing opportunities by clicking the 'Law Student Opportunities' and 'event' sections.

Don't forget to sign up to our commercial awareness newsletters - created by our team and only available to LSH subscribers. Our emails will feature an analysis of the current top stories and sector specific information to make sure you're always ahead of the curve. 






We will regularly keep law students updated, regarding any legal or career events that are taking place throughout the United Kingdom. We also aspire to deliver our own events throughout the academic year.



We publish two articles per week to keep our readers up-to-date with any legal developments, provide analyses of current affairs, and offer you top tips for success in your legal career.




In an increasingly competitive legal world, we understand the importance of securing experience and enhancing your CV, so we provide you with all the opportunities and events that you need! Click the "Law Student Opportunities" tab. 

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