My LPC Journey – Part 1

The LPC becomes ever more real as induction weekend draws closer. The University of Law (Bloomsbury campus) accepted my application to start the part time LPC in March 2016. Even though a part of me lacked the faith in myself that I would actually get the degree I needed, I made it. In this article, I will write about my initial fears that I had before applying for the course, as well as the application process.

Whilst it might seem like a cliché, I am about to embark upon one of the biggest journeys of my academic life. The decision to begin the Legal Practice Course was an easy one; the decision to take my time and study the course on a part-time basis was not.

I had searched tirelessly to find ways to study the LPC at my chosen institution full-time without getting myself into a serious financial crisis. My mother always told me that ‘money does not grow on trees’ and on this particular occasion (as always), she was right and like many other aspiring solicitors - I will be funding the course myself.

Whilst I am currently employed at a local law firm as a Commercial Property Paralegal, funding the LPC will not be as easy as it may appear. I will end up spending over half of my monthly salary on the LPC, for a duration stretching 21 months over the next 2 years. I am putting my plans for my career above my plans for my personal life. Any hope I have for saving for my first house, paying off student debts or for leaving the country over the next two years is looking to be a dream rather than a reality. None of this is a burden, but a massive opportunity to expand my horizons and better myself in my chosen career.

Money aside, I am more excited than ever. This feels like the final major academic hurdle. Future hurdles I will encounter will be within a professional capacity. It seems like I am turning the corner and can see the finish line looming nearer.

Now my graduation has been and gone, I'm beginning to start planning how I will juggle the LPC, my full-time job, and trying to have a little fun in between! Time management is a skill that we are constantly told is essential if you want to succeed in this career. Whilst we are able to get ourselves to lectures on time, part-time study will present a whole new list of challenges. Not only will I sometimes end up doing a 12 day week, I will also need to find the motivation to get home from my 9 to 5 job and carry on with my university work well into the evening. Whilst I will obviously have those moments where I will be lacking motivation, I have been working towards the end result for so long that now is no time to give up.

I plan to keep you updated during the academic year as to the challenges I will face on my journey, the ways I deal with my hurdles and any tips and advice I have to anyone else embarking upon a similar journey. Also I will hopefully help anyone considering whether or not to do the LPC, and provide some comfort for those joining me in this new chapter. Good luck to you all!

By Jennie Coleman

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